Innovation in Solving
Global Climate Change

A unique global consultancy of leaders in the Blockchain, AI and Fintech space in partnership with the worlds governments to develop the global carbon credit markets and make a true impact on climate change. Founded by Gregory Keough

About us

Founded by Serial Entrepreneur Gregory Keough.

Gregory Keough is an international leader in the DeFi, Blockchain, AI, Carbon Credits, and Banking, arenas internationally.

He has built and sold numerous successful start ups and crafted strategic partnerships with major financial institutions including Citigroup, AIG, T Rowe Price, Morgan Stanley and many others worldwide.

Effective Carbon Credits Markets
Yield Meaningful Climate Action

Scaleable & Immediate

Reducing emissions as quickly as possible


Protecting natural carbon sinks.

Carbon Removal

Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Developing Global Carbon Credit Markets

“The market for carbon credits is projected to grow 50-fold within a decade, from nearly $2 billion in 2022 to nearly $100 billion by 2030, and as much as $250 billion by 2050, according to Morgan Stanley.”

From Harvard Business Review Report

Direct Partnerships with world leaders & governments

The group works with world governments and large enterprises on creating sustainable viable markets to meet the worlds ambitious goals to lower carbon emissions and improve the global environment.

Development Efforts

Initial geography

Latin America

  • Working with Latin American Nations to Implent robust Carbon Credit Infrstructure.
  • Initiatives progressing in four nations.
  • Working closely with local governments with expert local teams deployed.

Our Chairman and CEO

Gregory Keough

Founder, Chairman and CEO

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